Rice Manufacturers & Exporters in India
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Pioneering Excellence in Rice Production

Mahavir Rice Mills has a diverse portfolio of Basmati rice varieties to appeal to local markets around the world. Each grain of our Basmati Rice is meticulously aged to achieve perfection. The result is an exquisite blend of taste and aroma, where purity and flavour harmonize effortlessly.

From the fields to your plate, we ensure excellence in every grain. Our range of Basmati rice has become the preferred choice of discerning consumers worldwide. Whether near or far, our rice graces tables with a touch of excellence that's cherished around the globe.

Rice Manufacturers & Exporters in India
Our Journey

From Humble Beginning to Global Excellence

Mahavir Group's journey began in 1984 as a modest trading company, sown by the visionary Late Lala Jai Kumar Ji Garg. Today, we stand tall as a symbol of quality and innovation in the rice industry.

Originating in Haryana, we've blossomed into Mahavir Rice Mills. We have our own milling plants and cutting-edge machines on 550,000 square yards. Led by the steadfast commitment of Mr. Parveen Kumar Garg , Mr. Rakesh Kumar Garg , Mr. Anil Kumar Garg , Mr. Naresh Kumar Garg our small business has grown into an empire.

Mr. Parveen Kumar Garg (Chairman), along with the dynamic next-generation leaders - Mayank, Nipun, Shubham, and Rupal Garg - carries forward the legacy. With commitment and foresight, they've transformed Mahavir Rice Mills into a symbol of quality and trust, setting international standards for Basmati rice production.

We have started our journey with a simple vision, provide the finest rice around the globe, sourced from the most fertile fields and processed with the utmost care. Over the years, we have grown, evolved, and adapted to meet the demands of our customers.

Rice Manufacturers & Exporters in India

Our Vision

Empowering communities through sustainable agriculture. We envision a world where every grain nurtures, every harvest thrives, and every table is abundant. With innovation and dedication, we strive to set new standards in quality, leaving an indelible mark on the global rice industry

Rice Manufacturers & Exporters in India

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the culinary experience by consistently delivering premium-quality rice products that elevate every meal. We are dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and global accessibility. With unwavering commitment, we seek to enrich lives and communities worldwide through excellence.

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