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We give a wide variety of rice from different parts of the country because we are a big player in the rice business. This large range gives our valued customers the chance to try and pick from a lot of different kinds of rice, making sure that their tastes are carefully met.

The fact that we are one of the biggest rice exporters in the world shows how committed we are to making great goods that people all over the world love. You are welcome to try our range of basmati and non-basmati rice, which is of the highest quality and taste. Each grain is a result of the rich agricultural history of our northern area and the unmatched expertise of our company.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a type of long-grain rice that is known for its unique smell, taste, and long, thin grains. Indian subcontinent, especially in the slopes of the Himalayas, is where it is mostly grown. Basmati rice is different because it smells great, like popcorn or nuts, and when it's cooked, it's fluffy. Many recipes, especially those from South Asia and the Middle East, use it because the grains don't stick together and stay separate.

There are two kinds of basmati rice: white and brown. It is often used in pilafs, biryanis, and other foods where the unique taste and smell of the rice can make the meal more enjoyable. People who like the complex flavors and pleasant smell of this type of rice choose basmati rice because it has special qualities that make it stand out.

Importance of rice in your daily life

Steamed, boiled, or fried, there are many ways to prepare it. It is the primary energy source for over half of the world’s people.

The amount of fiber, protein, vitamin B, iron, and manganese present in every grain of rice is depend on their rice strands. Thus, containing good nutrition fats and vitamins can help in treating malnutrition.

Whereas, rice water is used to treat skin or gastric conditions, or boiled down for an eye lotion. It also helps in getting shiny hairs and better skin.

How does it grow?

Rice is a fascinating crop that grows in watery fields called paddies. First, farmers prepare the field by flooding it with water. Then, they plant rice seeds or seedlings. The rice plants start to grow, and as they do, they need a lot of water. The flooded fields help control weeds and pests while providing the ideal environment for rice.

Over time, the rice plants shoot up and form long, green stems with grains on top, called panicles. As the grains develop, they turn from green to golden yellow. When the rice is ready to harvest, farmers drain the water from the fields, and the grains are left to dry in the sun. After drying, the rice is ready to be harvested and enjoyed as a delicious and nutritious food source for people all around the world.

What to keep in mind while buying basmati rice?

When you buy Basmati rice, make sure the grains are long and thin and free of dirt or other things you don't want. We pay extra attention to each rice grain to make sure it is of good quality. They package it in a way that keeps it fresh, so every time you cook it, you get the real, delicious taste of Basmati rice. So, you can enjoy the real goodness of Basmati rice with every meal. We also make sure that our rice meets the highest standards and stays fresh in its packaging.

Why Mahavir Rice Mills as your best Choice?

Quality Assurance and Sourcing Excellence: As the biggest rice exporters in the world, mahavir rice mills uphold stringent quality standards and employ meticulous sourcing processes to present the finest rice varieties to the global market.

Packaging Craftsmanship: Our packaging is custom-tailored to not only meet but exceed international standards, ensuring that each grain reaches you in impeccable condition.

Effortless Logistics and Compliance: We specialize in ensuring smooth transportation and seamless customs procedures, guaranteeing on-time delivery without any complications.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction: Putting customer satisfaction above all, our operations are guided by a customer-centric approach, where we prioritize and cater to the unique needs of our customers.

Our Provided Range 

  • 1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice
  • 1121 White Sella Basmati Rice
  • Sharbati Basmati Rice
  • Indian Basmati Lemon Sella Creamy Rice

Our global Expertise

With nearly four decades of expertise, Mahavir Rice Mills has nurtured enduring connections with clients worldwide. Our dedication to providing genuine service extends to both newcomers and cherished existing customers. Currently, our market influence extends to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Serbia, Europe, and Egypt. Continuously, we are exploring new markets globally.

Being the biggest rice exporters in the world, we take pride in consistently surpassing our customers' expectations, ensuring the punctual delivery of high-quality basmati rice. Our global presence is underpinned by a legacy of trust and excellence.

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A country becomes a leading rice exporter based on factors like agricultural productivity, quality standards, and global demand.
The top rice-exporting nations include India, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States.
Achieving self-sufficiency involves strategic agricultural policies, technology adoption, and sustainable farming practices.
Global demand for rice is a key driver for exports, influencing production volumes and international trade dynamics.
Challenges include climate change effects, market fluctuations, and navigating trade regulations.
Mahavir Rice Mills maintains rigorous quality standards through meticulous sourcing and packaging processes.
Mahavir Rice Mills exports to diverse regions, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Serbia, Europe, and Egypt.
Mahavir Rice Mills actively explores new markets, adapting to diverse consumer preferences and market dynamics.
Mahavir Rice Mills takes pride in consistently exceeding customer expectations and ensuring timely deliveries of top-quality products.
Mahavir Rice Mills has built a legacy of trust and excellence over almost four decades, making it a reliable choice for customers globally.

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