Mahavir Rice Mills, is one of the biggest in India that makes and sells basmati rice All of our goods, like Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice, are loved by people all over the world, not just in India . Our Northern area grows some of the best Basmati Rice in the world, and we are one of the biggest producers of different kinds of it . We are the Largest Rice Exporter in India who exports both Basmati and non-Basmati rice from all over the country.

Why us as your best choice?

Quality Assurance

We uphold rigorous quality control measures at every crucial stage to guarantee that our rice not only meets but surpasses the highest standards of taste, aroma, and nutritional value .Our commitment to excellence begins with the careful selection of premium-quality rice grains sourced from trusted suppliers.

Upon arrival, these grains undergo inspection to ensure they adhere to our stringent quality criteria. We prioritize the use of grains that exhibit optimal characteristics, such as uniform size, proper moisture content, and freedom from impurities .This initial screening process sets the foundation for the exceptional quality we strive to deliver.

Modern Facilities

We've embraced innovation with state-of-the-art machinery that goes beyond conventional standards .These advanced tools not only streamline the processing of rice but also enhance efficiency in packaging .From precision milling to automated packaging, every step is meticulously executed to bring you rice that is not just a product but a testament to our commitment to quality . With the latest technology at our disposal, being the largest rice exporters in India, we ensure that each grain retains its freshness, flavor, and nutritional goodness, promising a delightful culinary experience with every serving.

Rice – Staple Food of the Country 

In India, rice is a main food, which is a great honor for this important ingredient .As one of the most important and widely grown grains in the country, it takes over agricultural landscapes with the most space dedicated to its growth .The ways they are grown are different depending on the place, so they can adapt to different climates in places that get a lot of rain, areas that are fed by rain become great places to grow rice .What's great about this flexible grain is that it's not only an important part of a healthy diet, but it also shows how diverse and adaptable Indian agriculture is.

Our Best Varieties of Rice 


Our exquisite premium raw type of Basmati rice lets you enjoy its pure and real essence Enjoy the pure richness of this one-of-a-kind grain, which was carefully grown and picked to give you a culinary experience like no other Because we care about quality, we make sure that each grain keeps its natural taste and aroma For a more memorable meal, choose the best Basmati rice. 


Our rice is renowned for its distinct character, extra-long, slender grains that gracefully double in size during cooking This unique quality ensures a delightful dining experience, as the grains transform into a fluffy, fragrant masterpiece Discover the globally cherished essence of our rice, making every meal extraordinary.

White Sella

Immerse yourself in the world of culinary excellence with our renowned variety celebrated for its unmatched quality and enchanting aroma Each grain is a testament to our commitment to delivering a sensory delight, ensuring your dining experience is elevated by the exceptional standards that define this exceptional variety.

Golden Sella

Introducing our premium variety, exactly crafted through a thorough and precise process Each grain undergoes a journey of perfection, ensuring the highest quality in every bite From careful selection to expert processing, our commitment to excellence shines through, delivering a truly exceptional parboiled rice experience.

Scope of being a largest Rice Exporter in India

1 ) Global Dominance : As the largest rice exporter in India, we lead in supplying this culinary staple to nations worldwide.

2 ) Economic Impact : Our export prowess significantly contributes to the national economy, fostering growth and stability.

3) Agricultural Triumph: Being a key player signifies our agricultural expertise, showcasing the nation's ability to cultivate premium rice varieties.

4 ) Culinary Diplomacy: Rice exports serve as cultural ambassadors, allowing global consumers to savor the richness of Indian culinary traditions.

5 ) Job Creation: The wide export industry generates employment, supporting livelihoods and bolstering rural economies.

6 ) Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality stands paramount, ensuring that the exported rice maintains the highest standards, reflecting positively on Indian agricultural products globally.

In essence, being the largest rice exporter in India extends far beyond trade; it's a testament to our agricultural prowess, economic influence, and cultural impact on a global scale.

Role of rice exporter in India- Mahavir Rice Mills 

As the largest rice exporter in India, our role extends beyond commerce to vital aspects of our nation's growth and global standing.

1 ) Economic Engine : We play a pivotal role in boosting India's economy by contributing significantly to export revenues, fostering financial stability.

2) Agricultural Champion: Our prominence signifies not just trade, but a reflection of India's agricultural prowess, showcasing the ability to cultivate and export premium rice varieties.

3 )Employment Hub: The rice export industry is a key provider of jobs, supporting livelihoods and enhancing the socio-economic landscape.

4 )Global Culinary Ambassador :We share the richness of Indian culinary traditions globally, promoting cultural understanding and appreciation.

5) Quality Assurance :As the largest exporter, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring that the world receives the finest rice from India.

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MAHAVIR RICE MILLS holds the prestigious title of the largest rice exporter in India
MAHAVIR RICE MILLS specialize in exporting a diverse range of rice varieties, including Basmati and non-Basmati
Our export activities significantly contribute to India's economic growth by generating substantial revenue.
We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring that our exported rice meets global benchmarks.
We actively engage with local farmers, providing them with opportunities for cultivation and fair compensation
Our reach extends to numerous countries worldwide, ensuring a global presence in the rice market.
Yes, sustainability is a key focus, and we employ eco-friendly practices in our cultivation and export processes.
We maintain comprehensive records throughout the production chain, ensuring traceability from farm to export.
Yes, we take pride in offering unique and premium rice varieties, each with its own distinctive characteristics.
Interested parties can explore partnership opportunities by contacting our representatives through our official channels or visiting our website for more information.

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