The rice export industry in India is vital for the country's economy. Rice exporters in India play a significant role in connecting Indian rice to the world. They ensure high-quality rice reaches international markets, boosting trade and income for farmers. By maintaining quality standards and adhering to regulations, rice exporters contribute to India's reputation as a reliable rice supplier worldwide, like Mahavir rice mills.

Mahavir Rice Mills, established in 1984, is a renowned name among leading rice exporters in India. Located in Karnal, Haryana, we take immense pride in providing top-quality rice to meet global demands. Our extensive 38-year journey in the industry has seen us export our exceptional rice to over 50 countries, making us a trusted leader in the rice export industry.

We set ourselves apart with a diverse range of high-quality rice varieties, meticulously processed to perfection. We understand the significance of rice in daily meals and are committed to consistently exceeding your expectations. As a premier player in India's rice export sector, we are dedicated to delivering the finest rice to your table. With a passion for excellence, we lead the way, ensuring that the world enjoys the taste of our exceptional rice

Compliance with Government Regulations

Rice exporters in India must navigate a set of government regulations and policies. These rules are in place to ensure the quality, safety, and fair trade of rice. we take these regulations seriously. We adhere to strict quality standards and all necessary documentation. We also keep a close watch on the ever-evolving policies to remain compliant. By doing so, we guarantee that the rice we export meets international standards and is safe for consumption. This commitment to following rules and regulations not only ensures our success but also upholds India's reputation as a trustworthy source of quality rice.

Diverse Rice Varieties: Exporting Quality and Flavor from India

We take immense pride in exporting a wide range of rice varieties from India, catering to diverse tastes and preferences around the world. This huge variety makes us one of the top Rice Exporters in India.

Basmati Rice: Our Basmati rice collection is celebrated for its long, fragrant grains and exceptional flavor. We offer traditional Basmati rice, 1121 Basmati, 1509 Basmati, 1401 Basmati, Pusa Basmati, Sugandha Basmati, and Sharbati Basmati. These aromatic choices have earned a special place in international cuisines.

Non-Basmati Rice: For versatility and affordability, we provide a range of non-Basmati rice options, including PR11, PR26, and IR64. These grains suit a variety of dishes and culinary traditions worldwide.

Non-Pesticide Basmati Rice: For those who value purity and natural cultivation, our non-pesticide Basmati rice options, such as Organic Sugandha Basmati and Organic Sharbati Basmati, offer authentic flavor and quality.

We invite you to explore the diverse world of rice with us, your trusted partner in India, where quality and variety meet to satisfy discerning consumers worldwide.

Export Destinations and Market Trends:

We, as dedicated rice exporters in India, have witnessed dynamic trends in export destinations over the years. India's rice has reached numerous corners of the globe. We cater to diverse markets, with some of our primary destinations being the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

The market trends in the rice export industry are continuously evolving. There's a growing preference for aromatic and high-quality Basmati rice in regions like the Middle East, while non-Basmati rice remains popular in African and Southeast Asian markets due to its cost-effectiveness and versatility. The demand for organic and pesticide-free rice has been on the rise, aligning with global health and environmental concerns.

Quality Standards and Certifications:

Our quality is our utmost priority. To meet the stringent requirements of international markets, we adhere to various quality standards and certifications. These standards encompass everything from moisture content and grain size to pesticide residue levels.

We maintain ISO certifications and adhere to international food safety standards, including HACCP and FSSAI. These certifications ensure that our rice meets the highest quality benchmarks, providing confidence to our customers.

Trade associations and promotional efforts:

In our journey as rice exporters in India, we actively engage with trade associations and organizations that promote Indian rice on the global stage. These associations play a crucial role in market development and brand building.

Our collaboration with these organizations has enabled us to participate in trade fairs, exhibitions, and promotional events. Such efforts help create awareness about the quality and variety of Indian rice and establish trust among international buyers.

Rice Processing and Packaging for Exports:

We're proud of how we process and package our rice for export.

Our top priority is to make sure the rice gets to people around the world in great condition.

We use modern milling technology to maintain the rice's natural smell and nutrition.

Our packaging facilities are super high-tech, making sure the rice stays fresh and good while it's on its way.

We have different choices for packaging, like big loads, smaller retail packs, and even special packaging if our clients need it.

Export Documentation and Procedures:

  • When we send rice from India to other countries, there's a lot of paperwork involved.
  • We have a team that takes care of all this paperwork, like getting permission to export, proving our rice is good quality, and handling the customs documents.
  • We make sure we follow the rules both in India and the country we're sending the rice to.
  • Doing all this paperwork in a detailed way helps us avoid delays and ensures the rice reaches our customers on time.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that we can consistently offer high-quality rice that meets evolving consumer preferences and international standards. R&D also allows us to stay ahead of market trends and adapt to changing conditions.

You can join hands with Mahavir Rice Mills as a reliable and trustworthy rice Exporters in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We export different kinds of rice, including Basmati and non-Basmati varieties.
We use advanced packaging techniques to keep the rice fresh on its way to you.
Yes, we can provide packaging that suits your specific needs.
We have certifications like ISO, HACCP, and FSSAI to ensure quality and safety.
Our dedicated team takes care of all the necessary permits, quality certifications, and customs documents.
We export rice to various countries, including those in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.
Yes, we provide organic and non-pesticide Basmati rice for those who prefer natural cultivation.
We invest in research and development to stay ahead of market trends and adapt to changing conditions.
Our packaging methods ensure that the rice has a good shelf life, preserving its quality.
You can get in touch with us through our website or contact our sales team to place an order for our rice varieties.

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